Field Service

Because Fleetwood believes in giving customers the greatest value possible, it is our policy not simply to work for the customer, but to work with the customer and their maintenance people. This strengthens the knowledge of the maintenance staff and enhances their ability to support repairs and maintenance on their own equipment. With Fleetwood, customers also have the option of choosing a Preventative Maintenance Program for compressed air equipment. This plan allows us to service an air system on a pre-planned and controlled schedule. This has the benefit of freeing up a customer’s maintenance personnel for other important tasks and virtually eliminating unexpected downtime. We tailor our preventative maintenance service's to your individual needs. Whether you are running a single shift or around the clock, in a clean enviroment or dirty enviroment, this all effects the service's you require. By combining cost-saving products and competitive labour rates, Fleetwood Air Equipment Ltd. can offer customers the ideal combination of service and parts for any critical preventative maintenance budget. 

Preventative Maintenance

All of our field technicians complete service reports and inspection reports electronically so they are able to email you the results as soon as work is complete. 

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