Topring Compressed Air Line System

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Features and benefits of Topring QuickLine System

Clean air and optimal efficiency

• Aluminium pipe ensures a total absence of corrosion

• Aluminium pipes prevent problems caused by rust common in metal pipe systems

• The “fullbore” design and the low friction coefficient of aluminium pipe provide optimal and constant flow throughout and minimize pressure drops

• Due to consistent clean quality air from compressor to equipment, aluminium pipe ensures higher longevity of equipment and avoids frequent changes of filtration elements

• Installation speed: simple push-in-and push-in-and-tighten fittings (compression) allow installation to be done much more quickly than conventional systems requiring welding, soldering and threading of heavy components

• Installation is 50 % to 75 % quicker than with conventional metal pipe systems

• QuickLINE pipes and fittings are assembled in just a few steps by a single installer, without the need for pipe threading equipment

• Half the weight of metal pipe system

• Fast and easy drop installation: twin take-off drop fitting makes drop installation simple and fast. No need to plan drops before main line installation, since system need not be depressurized for drop installation.

Easy to install
Save money

• Significant energy savings: calibrated aluminium pipe used with fittings eliminates leaks, saving up to 10 % of power costs. Both pipe and fittings are designed to reduce friction and pressure drop, further reducing power consumption

• Substantial savings due to lower labour costs

• Reduced system downtime and lost or delayed production

• Reduced maintenance cost

Easy to modify or extend

• System can be easily dismantled and reinstalled at a new facility

• Lightweight: only a fraction of the weight of conventional Steel or Black Iron

• Completely reusable: components are easy to remove and relocate, making moving an easier task

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