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Fleetwood Air Equipment Ltd. is an Edmonton based company specializing in the supply and maintenance of compressed air systems and replacement components for air compressors. Serving Western Canada since 2005, we have built our reputation on excellent customer service and quality products at fair prices. Our knowledgeable staff and factory-trained technicians have the crucial experience and air equipment expertise to meet the individual needs of every customer.


Fleetwood Air Equipment carries a diverse range of products, each designed to be versatile within a variety of industries and applications. Product lines include both OEM and aftermarket sources, allowing customers to get the most value for their money. Always mindful of the competitive marketplace, we go a step further: not only do we represent our OEM product lines, but we also supply parts and service to ALL brands of rotary screw air compressors within the industry. And, by partnering with specialized alliance affiliate services, we are able to pass further savings on to our customers by keeping operating costs at a bare minimum.


The mission of Fleetwood Air Equipment continues to be one of personalized service and quality compressed air system products, striving to reduce the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining vital compressed air systems.


Fleetwood Air Equipment specializes in individually evaluating each customer’s compressed air application, providing the most efficient and effective air system solution. Prompt, dependable and friendly customer service, quality assurance and training contribute to the value customers have come to expect from us.

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