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Air Demand Analysis

Given that energy costs to operate a compressed air system can total upwards of 70% of overall costs, reductions in power consumption can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Studies estimate the energy-saving potential of many air systems at up to 30 percent.

Fleetwood Air Equipments system design and energy audit services will help you evaluate, analyze, and improve air system efficiency and performance.


No two businesses are the same. This is why our compressed air experts first create a precise requirement profile based on your applications.


Using proprietary computer-aided ADA technology, we precisely determine your system's actual compressed air demand – throughout all plant sections and under different load conditions.


Using the Kaeser energy-saving system, KESS, we forecast the performance of your air system and compare possible energy-saving models.


The end result is a tailored compressed air system that will provide outstanding efficiency and be ready to adapt to any future needs. 

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