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Do I need a 30hp compressor ?

Oversizing a compressor is never a good deal

30 Ingersoll Rand

The Case

We received a call one day from a customer that had been running

a 30hp Ingersoll Rand compressor for number of years. He said they had bought it simply because it was a good deal at the time but he was wondering if he even needed a compressor that large. They were having a number of problems with the internal dryer so he figured it was time to look at replacement. We recommended completing and Air Demand Analysis and the customer approved the work. 

The Numbers Never Lie

Once we had completed the Air Demand Analysis we found that the customers intuition was correct and his compressor was very oversized. We determined the customers average demand was only 22 CFM and his peak demand was 72 CFM. The calculated specific power consumption was 68.51 kw/100cfm and ideally you want that number to be below 20. 

ADA success story graph.png
Kaeser SK 20 Aircenter System

The Solution

We installed a new Kaeser SK 20 Aircenters with an additional 400 gallons in storage capacity. We also installed a high pressure kit to the Kaeser SK 20 to increase max pressure to 160psi. This aloud us to truly realize the benefits of the storage by storing air at a high pressure and then regulating system pressure down to only what the customer required. This resulted in a $4500/year reduction in power and a much more reliable compressed air system. 

If you feel your compressed air system might be over sized, inefficient, or unreliable, please contact us today. We can start with a free system assessment and explore completing an Air Demand Analysis to determine exactly what your business needs and how much money can be saved.  

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