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Machine Shop Success Story

big horsepower to big power savings


The Case

Fleetwood Air Equipment was servicing this customer for over ten years and based on the operation of their 50hp Sullair compressor, we had been suggesting to install a smaller machine. We believed their current compressor was significantly oversized. One day the compressor had a major issue so the customer decided to explore options for replacement.

Get the data

We had a Kaeser BSD 50 compressor available. The customer got the price and wanted to proceed with the purchase. Based on our teams knowledge and experience we strongly advised against this. Instead we recommended installing the Kaeser BSD 50 compressor and let it record the demand of the shop. We were then able to pull the data from the compressor and size the system appropriately. Based on the data, we determined the average shop demand was around 30cfm and peak demand was no higher than 90 cfm.

Screenshot (142).png

The Solution

We installed two brand new Kaeser SK 20 Aircenters. These two 20hp compressors ran the shop perfectly with one unit being able to handle the day to day operations and the other unit being available as 100% back up. This machine shop achieved thousands in annual power savings and an extremely reliable compressed air system. 

If you feel your compressed air system might be oversized, inefficient, or unreliable, please contact us today. We can start with a free system assessment and explore completing an Air Demand Analysis to determine exactly what your business needs and how much money can be saved.

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